By appointment parents can arrange to talk to the specialist teachers such as Italian, PE and music on a Saturday morning.

The Academy can be contacted by telephone at lunchtime (12:00-1:20pm) on this phone number: 345-9743943

Parent Evenings

During the first half of the winter term there are formal parent/form teacher interviews.

A parents' evening during the spring term gives parents an opportunity to meet all non-core subject teachers and there is a further opportunity for parents to have a meeting with teachers during the summer term.

Late Pick-up

In the case that you are unable to pick your child up at 3:30pm, you can arrange for your child to remain at the Academy until 4.45 for a small additional fee. Please arrange for this extra stay in advance.

School Reports

Parents receive written reports in the core subjects halfway through the year and in all subjects at the end of the year.

Parental involvement.

Parents are valuable helpers on educational visits.

We welcome visits to the classroom when parents are able to share knowledge and expertise on topics related to the curriculum.

All classes have a form parent who arranges social activities and meets monthly with the teachers to discuss matters of general interest.