The Elizabeth English Academy is also a language school. We offer courses in English and Italian as a second language, at all levels: from beginner to advanced. We offer you quality and experience, as well as a skilled and personalised advice service. All courses are taught by qualified native speakers . 

English for all ages.

A foreign language that cannot be ignored, English is the first international working language. Do you wish to follow a language course in order to learn or progress in English? Whatever your linguistic objectives, your level of English, the time you have available, we certainly have a  language course for you. Our courses range from preparing students for school examinations, giving children an extra boost in confidence when speaking, to courses for adults who would like to learn English for work and travel. 

English Theatre, Science and Technology 

Whether you or your child already speaks English or you would like to improve your English these evening courses are proven to develop spoken and written language through a practical approach simultaneosly building upon hobbies and interests in science, technology and The Arts. Learn fascinating science experiments, partake in simple engineering projects, prepare and perform plays from classical, modern and eventually self composed play scripts. Including designing the props and scenery. We know from experience that our students love this approach to learning, whilst partaking in these courses they naturally develop their written and spoken English.

Back to school for Italian?

The precious and so beautiful Italian language...A beginners course in order to discover it? Improving your skills in it with an advanced level course? Whatever your wishes, your level in Italian, the time you have at your disposal for this Italian language course, we certainly have a "tailor-made" language course for you. For an intensive Italian language course of a month, for example, or for an entire year of Italian language classes, the Elizabeth English Academy will certainly offer the ideal solution for what you expect from a language course to learn Italian.