Our Aims/mission. 

The EEA strives to enable each and every pupil, regardless of native language background , to develop to the full their academic, personal and creative potential. The EEA offers a nurturing, inclusive and supportive environment where each child is esteemed as an individual, capable of success.

Bilingual education at EEA is founded on core moral values that encourage pupils to be compassionate and tolerant; to do their personal best; to grow in integrity and responsibility and so ultimately to approach adulthood with interpersonal skills that reflect both empathy and self confidence.

The Elizabeth English Academy aims to:

  • Provide an enjoyable, stimulating and diverse bilingual education enriched by a wide-ranging curriculum
  • Provide the highest quality teaching and support
  • Provide both a happy and inspirational culture that celebrates personal success and continues to value courtesy, dignity and kindness
  • Provide for the wellbeing and health and safety of all who attend and work here
  • Provide positive educational role models, setting good examples of how to behave
  • Provide a serene, caring atmosphere that enables  children to feel safe, secure and therefore happy
  • Provide an ethos of openness and transparency where all members of the association  are welcomed, kept informed and made to feel like a part of our community