The Academy does not supply uniforms. Parents are welcome to shop where they choose to buy the items appertaining to the dress code, but we do suggest visiting the Asda school clothing site, 'George' because not only will it give you an idea of what we like our children to wear at the Academy but we believe the prices are accessible. They also deliver to Italy via:,default,sc.html

Girls uniform: Winter Term

  • Thick black/navy blue pile jacket
  • Red cardigan or jumper
  • Grey pinafore dress
  • White long sleeved polo or crew neck t-shirts
  • White, grey or black tights, leggings or socks
  • Black school shoes

Girls uniform: Summer Term

  • Green Gingham summer dress
  • Light green cardigan
  • Grey/white socks
  • Closed toe black sandals or shoes. If parents choose sandals, then please make sure your child can actually run in them!

Girls and boys: Sport Clothes

  • All children should have a comfortable navy blue tracksuit with the Academy logo on it for winter months and a pair of navy blue shorts for summer months. The tracksuit should ordered through the Academy.
  • A pair of trainers (any colour is acceptable)
  • White polo sport shirt

Boys uniform: Winter Term

  • Thick black/navy blue pile jacket
  • Long sleeved white T-shirt
  • Pair of grey trousers
  • Red cardigan or jumper
  • Black school shoes

Boys  uniform: Summer Term

  • White short-sleeved polo t-shirt
  • Pair of grey/black shorts
  • Light green jumper or cardigan
  • A pair of closed toe shoes