Thematic teaching enables students to appreciate the natural links between subjects. High standards which we aspire to in all our students are best secured when essential knowledge and skills are learned through direct, high quality subject teaching and also through this content being applied and used in cross-curricular studies. At The Elizabeth English Academy we believe in using a cross-curricular approach when it is possible, without forcing unnatural links to be created. A thematic approach to teaching helps children make sense of the world in which they live; in comparison to a traditional approach which puts the emphasis on essential knowledge. We believe students need both and at The Elizabeth English Academy we have created the perfect combination; a cross curricular approach with essential knowledge and skills highlighted and incorporated. Where natural links cannot be made, stand alone lessons will be taught ensuring that students acquire all of the essential information whilst also realizing the knowledge and skills gained in one lesson can be interlinked across all traditional subjects. They will also see how this knowledge applies in their own lives.